Business Formation

Business Formation

Business Formation and Advisement Attorneys in Greensburg PA

The attorneys in Greensburg, PA, at Long & Long advise individuals starting, acquiring, running and selling businesses. We provide trusted legal advice to local businesses, whether you are a startup or a subsidiary of a multimillion-dollar corporation.

Business Formation

Starting a business can seem a daunting task. Should your startup be a Sole Proprietorship? Do you qualify as a non-profit organization? What’s really the difference between a limited liability company (LLC) or a limited partnership (LP)?

Choosing the best structure for a new business can be challenging. Each hugely impacts the taxes you will pay and the amount of your personal assets at risk. Our knowledgeable attorneys help you find the right balance of corporate flexibility, asset protection and tax minimization to help your business flourish.


Deciding to purchase an existing business, or take on additional equipment or inventory may feel like a perilous investment. However, with wise legal counsel you can navigate the complexities of any business transaction with confidence. Our business law attorneys at Long & Long, LLC are well-versed on tax, liability and structural issues and provide straightforward guidance to assist you in launching your ownership phase profitably.

Operations and Compliance

Do I need to review business contracts with a lawyer? 

As your business grows and develops, your legal needs may expand and change. Long & Long’s business attorneys will advise on contracts and negotiate terms for shareholder, property, lease and independent contractor agreements. It’s our job as your business law attorney to protect your asset so you can focus on growing your business to its full potential.

Family Businesses

How do I create a succession plan for my family business?

We understand the dynamics of family businesses at Long & Long, because that’s where we started. We get it — from all angles. If you’d like to create a succession plan to seamlessly turn your business over to your children, we’ve got you covered. Our business attorneys in Greensburg, PA, at Long & Long will guide your family through buy-sell agreements, ironing out business uncertainties, while preserving peaceful family relationships.

When you are ready for a trusted partner in your business planning, call Long & Long at 724.834.9300.

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