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Avoid Weather Related Accidents This Winter

The weather this winter has left everyone scratching their heads. Some days Western Pennsylvania feels like a tropical paradise and then almost overnight, it turns into an arctic wasteland. However, despite Mother Nature’s chaotic mood swings, everyone still needs to travel for work, run errands, and visit relatives and friends. It is important to be always prepared for any kind of unfavorable weather conditions.

Not only is it important to take proper steps to ensure your safety, but you should also be prepared to deal with any automobile accident you endure on slick roads caused by the winter weather conditions.

The first step after an accident is to ensure that everyone involved in the accident is safe, uninjured, and out of harm’s way. Always thoroughly document the extent of the damage to your vehicle with your smartphone camera. You should also immediately contact your insurance provider and get the ball rolling on a claim.

Unfortunately, sometimes fixing your vehicle is not the only issue that arises from an automobile accident. Oftentimes drivers will suffer injuries, either mild or severe, because of a crash and even from something as small as a fender bender.

If you suffer an injury from an accident, the personal injury attorneys at Long & Long will take the time to discuss your case and work diligently through an evaluation of accident reports, medical reports, and eyewitness testimony to ensure that you are justly compensated for your injuries.

If you or someone you know is hurt in an accident, don’t hesitate to contact our office in Greensburg to get advice from our experienced personal injury attorneys.

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