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Are Motorcycle Riders Subject to the Same laws as other motorists?

motorcycle accidents

When involved in a serious accident, your ability to recover compensation often depends on who was at fault. Greensburg motorcycle accident attorneys can evaluate your accident and determine the contributing factors and whether grounds exist to pursue a recovery.

If Pennsylvania courts determine you were more than 50 percent at fault for causing the motorcycle accident, you lose your right to recover damages. Breaking traffic laws is a form of negligence and points to fault. Therefore, as a motorcycle rider, you must know the rules of the road and obey Special Rules for Motorcycles (Subchapter B) of Pennsylvania traffic laws. A few of the rules include:

You cannot ride with more than one person on your motorcycle unless it is designed for more than one person

You cannot operate a motorcycle while carrying packages or items that prevent you from keeping both hands on the handlebars

You are entitled to the full use of a lane

You cannot ride a motorcycle between lanes of traffic or rows of vehicles

When passing, you cannot pass a vehicle while in the same lane as the vehicle

No more than two motorcycles are allowed to ride abreast in a lane

You must wear eye-protective devices when riding a motorcycle

Persons under age 21 must wear helmets when riding motorcycles

Persons over age 21 do not have to wear helmets if they are licensed to operate a motorcycle for at least two full calendar years or have completed a motorcycle rider safety course approved by the department or Motorcycle Safety Foundation

If you end up in a collision, consult a motorcycle accident lawyer in Murrysville.

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