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Every day, people make difficult and important decisions about their lives involving health care, investments, home maintenance and more. However, few people stop to think about who would make those decisions if an illness or accident left them unable to do so. Our three generations of attorneys at Long & Long, LLC are sensitive to how difficult family illness or injury and elder issues can be, and make every effort to provide our clients comfort and peace of mind.

Drafting thorough durable powers of attorney can avoid the need for a guardianship should the unexpected happen. However, once a person is already physically or mentally incapacitated, he or she no longer has the option of executing a power of attorney.

That is why we fully consider each client’s situation to determine what option is truly necessary. Long & Long, LLC attorneys guide clients through the necessary court process and continue to advise and assist them in meeting their obligations as a guardian or power of attorney.


Guardianship is a process of allowing a loved one to manage your affairs when you are unable to do so. Once a person is already physically or mentally incapacitated, he or she no longer has the option of executing a power of attorney. In these situations, a guardianship may be necessary to prevent neglect of that person’s personal care and mismanagement of his or her financial estate. Establishing a guardianship requires a court process during which a medical professional must certify that the proposed ward — the incapacitated person — is incapable of managing his or her own affairs.

This is a high standard to meet. Our team at Long & Long, LLC helps clients understand and satisfy the guardianship requirements so they are no overwhelmed while serving as guardians of the estate or of the person. If you have a loved one who, due to injury, age or illness can no longer handle his or her own finances or make other important decisions, it may be in the best interest for your entire family to seek the aid of our guardianship attorneys.

Power of Attorney

In the case of an unexpected injury or illness, loved ones may need to manage financial, health, and other important life decisions. Without any clear instruction under the law, however, this can be a painful and complicated process. Durable powers of attorney remove uncertainty by establishing clear instructions and legal authority for a trusted friend or family member to act on your behalf.

While a power of attorney is different from a will and terminates at death, it can help preserve the value of your estate during life by giving a loved one authority to manage your finances. A power of attorney can:
  • Pay bills
  • File tax returns
  • Manage investments
  • Buy and sell property
  • Conduct repairs
  • Enter contracts

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