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Small Business and Non-Profit COVID-19 Loans

by Long & Long
Small Business and Non-Profit loans are now available for the organizations affected by COVID-19. Read more

Best Attorney in Westmoreland County

by Long & Long
Congratulations to Attorney Wesley Long who has been voted the Best Attorney in Westmoreland County for the 9th time by Trib Total Media! Read more

B. Earnest Long Service Award

by Long & Long
Ernie Long presented with Award named in his honor by the Borough of Export Read more

Are Motorcycle Riders Subject to the Same Laws as Other Motorists?

by Long & Long
When involved in a serious accident, your ability to recover compensation often depends on who was at fault. Greensburg motorcycle accident attorneys can evaluate your accident and determine the contributing factors and whether grounds exist to pursue a recovery. If Pennsylvania courts determine you Read more

What is the Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax?

by Long & Long
Preserving wealth often requires minimizing taxes whenever possible. Greensburg wealth preservation attorneys can help you with estate planning that uniquely addresses the issues involved with your estate. While Pennsylvania currently does not have a state estate tax, it is one of six states that... Read more

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Texting at the Wheel: More Dangerous Than Drunk Driving

by Long & Long
From the moment we get our licenses, it is drilled into our heads to never drink and drive. We are taught that being drunk is the most dangerous thing we can do behind the wheel. While it is true that driving while intoxicated is extremely dangerous, a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety... Read more

Pennsylvania's No Fault Insurance Laws Can Make Your Auto Accident Injury Claim Difficult

by Long & Long
After an auto accident, you want to hold the responsible party accountable. However, depending on your state's insurance laws, you may not be able to... Read more

What Age Group is Most at Danger for Slip and Fall Accidents?

by Long & Long
Many slips and falls are not serious. You pick yourself up and dust off your damaged pride, more than anything else. However, slips and falls can also result in serious injuries or even death. The most at risk age group for injury from slip and fall accidents are the elderly. If you or a loved... Read more

What are Some Statistics and Challenges Involved with Catastrophic Injuries?

by Long & Long
While all catastrophic injuries are debilitating, some injuries are more devastating than others. Costs of care can be exorbitant. To cover expenses, most people must take legal action against the parties who caused their injury. Greensburg catastrophic injury attorneys can help you hold negligen... Read more